Skull Crushers Incorporated

Introduction to the Game

Welcome to Fort Markshank, a foreboding fortress that rest on the north eastern coast of Thedas. Built by slaves such as your selves and ruled over by a tyrannical hobgoblin know as Badrag, or Lord Badrag to his lesser’s. A vicious pirate turned lord who made a name for himself by marching across most of northern Thedas killing all who would oppose him and enslaving the rest.
Marshank is surrounded by farmland that the slaves work to feed Badrag’s horde, also a granite quarry to the south provided’s stone for the building the fortress.
Most survivors fled south but some stayed to continue the fight against Badrag, thirty years have pass since then and now they have grown quiet in the past few years inciting talk within the slave compound that all hope is lost.


  • Were you born into slavery? Were you captured as a child/young adult?
  • Is there a reason your character became a fighter/rouge/wizard/etc?



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